Eugene Roth Kreisler

Square Series No1, 2005

b. 1969

Eugene Kreisler is the son of well-known painter Tom Kreisler. Kreisler, who studied at the Elam School of Fine Arts and in New Plymouth during the 1980s, works primarily in painting and drawing.

His drawings, feature familiar faces from the art world, including Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon. One drawing, of Ralph Hotere in fine raiment outside his flagstaff Hill studio in Port Chalmers, circa 1979, was a finalist in the $20,000 inaugural Parkin Drawing Prize.

Kreisler lived in Mexico with his family for two years in the 1970’s and says this period was hugely influential on him artistically.

"There is an incredible energy there. The geometric forms of the Aztec temples that are made out of stone - huge forms that are in harmony with each other."

His abstract oil paintings in which strong Mexican influences can be seen in Kreisler's use of geometric lines and vibrant colours. Colour is an important aspect of his work and each shade has its own meaning for him. However he emphasises that people are able to interpret his works in their own way.

"It's an important aspect of art - to let people have their own interpretation and to discuss it on their own terms."

John Crawford, Eugene, 2108.