Trevor Turbo Brown

Black Swan In A Wonderland Dreamtime, 2012.

Black Swan In A Wonderland Dreamtime, 2012.

b. 1967

d. 2017

Aboriginal artist Trevor Turbo Brown, was a Latje Latje man, who hailed from Mildura in Victoria. Through his years as an acclaimed painter he worked in Melbourne, which is where he met Nick Kreisler.

Nick managed him over the last four years of his career. Some of Turbo’s great successes during this time were his winning of the Victorian Indigenous Art Award, the state’s most generous prize for Indigenous work, and his solo exhibition at Melbourne Museum’s Bunjilaka, ‘Last Man Standing’. Works on this website are from this exhibition.

The engaging and often multifarious narrative that Turbo constructs within his paintings of animals and country embody Turbo’s life experience and feelings. He is not just painting animals, he is representing his family and his friends through them, the canvas and the remarkable use of colour creates a space to explore his personal and reflective practice.

By sharing his story through art, and with his unique artistic approach, Turbo created an entirely distinct style of painting and contemporary expression, whilst also sharing complex layers of his personal history and that of his peoples.

His highly energetic and colourful paintings hold many stories and are a tangible example of Turbo’s spirit. Turbo also shares with the viewer his connection to animals on a very personal level, as he has said: 

“When I paint I feel like I’m in the Dreamtime and can see all the animals that live there”.  

View works in the NGV(The National Gallery of Victoria) collection.